Happy New Year! With a little less than a month before I leave there are many things left to do. I went down to CarMax today to see how much I could get for my truck (2007 Ford Sport Trac if anyone wants to buy it). I’ll spare you the details but I’ll be paying a good chunk of cash to dump my 2 year old vehicle. Not much choice though. This weekend I’ll see if I can do any better on AutoTrader (thanks Karen).

Yesterday I picked up health insurance through Assurant Health. They have a global insurance policy that would cover me in the US and any other country in the world. No luck trying to get any kind of theft protection though. Without having renters insurance or a home owners policy there are just no other options out there (unless you live in the UK apparently). OK, there is a place called World Nomads but they only cover up to $500 and I wouldn’t be covered in the US. Hopefully the 2 locks and Pacsafes will keep my ride secure.

Still have a lot of things to sell in the house. Anything not sold/given away will be going on Craigslist and then to charity. As far as things for the trip, there’s nothing left I need. It got down to 41 F a couple nights ago so I pitched the tent and tested out the new sleeping bag. I ended up being too warm with very little cold weather clothes on so I think I’ll be fine down to at least 20 F. We’ll find out I’m sure. I did end up ordering a North Face WindStopper Neck Gaiter just in case the wind is really bad (and cold) while riding.

Only 29 days until I leave… I wish it was sooner though. I drove up A1A today while running errands and kept imagining I was on my bike instead.

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