06/28 Back in my favorite country and all the things I loved about it last time were waiting for me: heavy traffic on all the roads, narrow, steep roads with no safety lane, missing cycle path signs and expensive campgrounds. Much to my surprise there was no rain and all today and the sun was out in force most of the afternoon.

I did manage to cure my sore rear end even with constant 80% and above humidity. The trick was baby power, and lot’s of it. Little puffs of white power were probably visible to the drivers coming up behind me as I adjusted myself in the seat for the first bit. 🙂

Getting to Bath was easy enough thanks to a great cycle path that followed along an old railroad track. It was once I got into Bath that I ran into trouble. There was no easy way off the cycle track, at least that I could find, so I ended up riding past the campground and into the city. Then I had to circle back and ride up a long, steep and very, very busy road to get to it. I was not a happy camper when I got here. Then the lady tells me it’s $21.04 US to camp. Newton Mill Holiday Park was the name of the place.

Stonehenge tomorrow maybe. I’m way ahead of schedule and love it because it gives me a couple days to relax before I start my vacation. 🙂

Elevation Profile
GPX track


The bridge I crossed over into England.

The bridge I crossed over into England.


Mood:Bad Weather:Sunny/Warm
Wind:Brisk Wind Direction:Tail
Avg Speed:10.1 mph (16.3 km/h) Top Speed:32.1 mph (51.7 km/h)
Avg Grade:4% Max Grade:13%
Total Ascent: ft (0 m) Max Elevation:771 ft (235 m)
Distance:61.51 mi (99 km) Total Distance:28385 mi (45681.2 km)
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