07/19 Lincoln was a little harder to leave then I thought it would be but this morning I finally got back on the road. The place I stayed for almost 2 weeks was called Orchard Guest House and I can’t say enough good things about it. The owner, Stephen, was so helpful. He went way out of his way several times to make our/my stay more comfortable. Unfortunately he was booked up last night so I had to move about four houses down to another B&B. That place was also really nice (Archers Lodge Guesthouse) and the elderly couple that runs it very friendly.

The weather was decent enough today. A bit of rain in the morning and then it stayed dry for the rest of the day. No sun though. The route I ended up taking was perfect. Almost all the roads were small, local roads, traffic wasn’t bad at all except for one moron who thought he was in a rally car race and the hills, although plentiful, weren’t excessively steep. I did get stuck on a bridleway and had some fun sliding through the mud for about a mile. Even managed to see a bunch of cool little weasel things. Not sure what they were. Maybe ermines? Maybe Google will help me out when I get internet. (update: ermine it is).

Tonight I’m sitting on a ferry on my way to the Netherlands. It arrives tomorrow morning in Rotterdam at 8:30am. I spared no expense and got myself hooked up with a cabin for this overnighter. It even has a shower in it. 🙂 Quite fancy I think. My short term plan is to visit Karin and Marten for a few days. They only live 40 miles or so from the ferry terminal so it’ll be an easy, flat ride to their house. Can’t wait to see my friends again. My long term plans have also changed. More on that to come.

Elevation Profile
GPX track

Bottom of the bridge.

Bottom of the bridge.








An ermine.

An ermine.

Fast little guy.

Fast little guy.


My new Nashbar Ragster II Cycling Sandals didn't last long.

My new Nashbar Ragster II Cycling Sandals didn’t last long.

Mood:Good Weather:Cloudy/Mild
Wind:Brisk Wind Direction:
Avg Speed:10.9 mph (17.5 km/h) Top Speed:37 mph (59.5 km/h)
Avg Grade:2% Max Grade:9%
Total Ascent:2225 ft (678.2 m) Max Elevation:520 ft (158.5 m)
Distance:64.58 mi (103.9 km) Total Distance:28527 mi (45909.8 km)
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