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Florida to Alaska

Im in Ollague. Everything is good.

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Alive and well. Finally have fast internet but they won´t let me plug in my laptop at the hotel internet cafe. Sheesh. Maybe tomorrow.

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Incredible scenery for the last couple days. No wifi so other posts are on hold. One of these days I´ll have to bring my laptop into an internet cafe and try that. Everything else good. Heading down to the coast in a couple days so I make it out of Ecuador by the 17th.

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I usually don’t ramble on about real world issues unless it’s to berate dogs, hippies, Sarah Palin, greedy people or stupid people (oops, I just said the same thing three times) but this Wikileaks thing deserves some mention.

Wikileaks–I love them. To be clear, I love the fact that the US government is having its dirty laundry aired. I hope they are embarrassed but more importantly I hope the American people are embarrassed. As much as the average American won’t admit it, our duly elected government leaders are doing what the majority of the population wants– maintain our quality of life at any cost. This is the main point of my little New Year’s rant but this Wikileaks fiasco plays a big part in how we live with our heads buried in the sand.

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