Country Stats

Out of curiosity I went back through my photo album and checked to see how many pictures I took in each country. This provided some interesting stats.

The default sort order is “Pictures per Mile” which is my favorite way of sorting because it matches what countries I’d consider to have the most picturesque countryside. The only surprise when sorting this way is Peru. I actually thought Peru was stunning and should be ranked much higher. Perhaps I just got used to it and stopped taking pictures?

Sorting by Excursions used to be a good indicator of what my favorite countries for bicycle touring were but Europe messed that up. England should be close to last because sure there are plenty of places to see but the process of getting to them sucks.

The truth is none of the sort orders show my favorite countries for touring so here are the top 6:

1. Mexico
2. Peru
3. United States (Alaska/Wyoming/Montana/California)
4. Guatemala
5. Canada
6. Nicaragua

These are the only countries I would consider returning to for more bicycle touring.

Here’s what I considered when making the list:

  • Weather – constant wind/rain is no fun
  • Traffic – if there’s a lot of it I’ll be miserable (I can’t stand noise)
  • Roads – washboard surfaces suck
  • Frequency of natural areas – fenced in areas are never natural areas
  • Wildlife – cows/sheep/goats all day not for me
  • People – people not interested in travelers are equally uninteresting to me (much prefer undeveloped countries for this reason)
  • Prices – high prices on poor/average quality products hurts more than the pocketbook
  • Campsite availability – no natural areas, town parks or infrequent paid camping
  • Dogs – the more there are the more I’ll hate it
  • Things to see – diverse landscape, interesting architecture and historical sites

Curious about my least favorite?

1. Argentina – weather, roads, frequency of natural areas (central/north), prices, campsite availability (central/north), dogs, things to see (central/north)
2. Chile – weather, roads, frequency of natural areas (central/north), prices, campsite availability (central/north), dogs, things to see (central/north)
3. England – weather, traffic, roads, frequency of natural areas, prices, campsite availability
4. Costa Rica – frequency of natural areas, people, dogs

Strange that I dislike the #1 and #2 countries with the highest GDP in South America and the 2nd highest in Central America. 🙂

CountryDays in CountryMiles RiddenExcursionsPictures TakenPictures per DayPictures Along the RoadPictures per Mile
United States2006886513566.812310.18
The Netherlands1924481397.3280.11
Northern Ireland614526911.5120.08
Costa Rica113841383.5280.07
El Salvador3113072.360.05

Days in Country: How many days I was in the country regardless of if I was riding or not. Vacation days in Florida were removed as were days in Tumbaco (vacation).

Miles Ridden: How many miles I rode in the country. This is very accurate for all countries except Argentina/Chile where things got confusing with the 5 border crossings. It’s still pretty accurate though.

Excursions: How many non-bicycle trips I took while in the country or any cites/towns I stayed extra time in just to do some site-seeing.

Pictures Taken: How many pictures I took and actually kept.

Pictures per Day: Pictures Taken / Days in Country

Pictures Along the Road: How many pictures I took riding during the day.

Pictures per Mile: Pictures Along the Road / Miles Ridden

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  1. Hi Scott, Ecuador, 106 days only 885 miles and only 1.7 picture a day, what have you done there 🙂 Yes you are right, Bolivia is a great touring country

    • scott says:

      Yes, Ecuador was a tough one to figure out. Maybe I’ll remove the 42 Tumbaco days. But then I have to add up how many pictures I took there an remove them too. It’s just a lot of work. 🙂

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