The Story of My Gear

“Wow! You have a lot of stuff!” There’s a very good chance this will be the first thing someone says to me. Well, I suppose it does look like a lot. Here’s why.

1) I don’t ship seasonal things. Some people send things home they won’t be using for a long time. Winter clothes for example. Or bulky sleeping bags/pads. I just keep the same stuff with me all the time. I ship things home I don’t use but that mostly stopped after the first year.

2) It looks a bit worse than it is. My sleeping bag takes up almost an entire rear pannier. If I switched to a down bag I could make the 2 front panniers normal sized ones (the ones I use on the front are commonly used in the back). If I got rid of my fluffy pillow I could put my tent back in the rear trunk bag and free up some “clutter” in the back.

3) I travel solo almost exclusively. That means I have to carry everything for a fully self supported tour. 2 cyclists on a long tour can share the load and will therefore have to carry less.

4) I carry enough for myself and a little bit for others. I like helping people on the road and even if I know I probably won’t need something I tend to just carry it because someone else might. For example: a spare tire, a spare pump, a spare wrench.

5) I like a change of scenery, especially when it comes to my clothes. If I am staying somewhere for a week I don’t want to look like a bum. I also have a lightweight jacket that could be considered “extra” because my orange rain jacket is a bit flashy for walking around town.

6) I don’t like being bored. I have a laptop, an external drive, an external mouse and usually a big book. The cases to protect the electronic stuff takes up some space.

7) I like to be comfortable. I don’t “need” a pillow but it beats the hell out of a lumpy bunch of clothes. My tent is a 2 man tent because I like the extra space. When I left Florida I had a 3 man tent all the way to Alaska.

Now for the big question, “How much does all this weigh?” As of March 23rd, 2012, I’m riding with 81 lbs (37 kg) of gear. This doesn’t include the weight of the 4 panniers, handlebar bag and the rack pack (12 lbs). It also doesn’t include water or food of which, on average, I carry about 5 lbs. So the grand total is 98 lbs (44.5 kg).

The Bike

Koga Miyata Signature. The history of my experiences with Koga is here.

Bicycle Components

bicycle components Everything strapped/bolted/clipped to my frame. I’m a little non-standard with the front panniers since I’m using ones intended for use on the rear rack. They hang a little low but I’ve never had a problem with them scraping along the ground or hitting curbs. Since they are 100% waterproof riding through deep water isn’t an issue. The extra space comes in very handy.


PhotoDate AddedTypeModelComments
Tubus Cargo Expedition Carrier02/2009Rear RackTubus Cargo Expedition CarrierHas held up very well under very heavy load. One of the bolts securing the "platform" to the rails extending to the frame broke however it is not critical to overall rack integrity.
Tubus Tara rack06/2010Front RackTubus Tara rack (front) w/kickstandNo problems so far.
AXA Frame lock02/2009LockAXA Frame lockLove this lock! Switched over recently from the heavy plugin chain to the lighter version.
handlebar02/2009HandlebarsNashbar Trekking ATB/HybridStrong and comfortable.
Ergon GP1 Grips02/2009GripsErgon GP1 GripsLong lasting and very comfortable.
RAM Handlebar Mount02/2009GPS MountRAM Handlebar Mount for Garmin 60CSxExtremely strong. Tends to shake the GPS off on very rough roads.
mirror02/2009MirrorOrtlieb ultralite handlebar mount mirrorDoesn't stick out far enough.
top tube bag02/2009Top Tube BagKinesis Top Tube Brevet BagGood bag, use it to store my P&S camera. Not waterproof but it does an OK job of keeping things dry.
bike packer plus02/2012Front PanniersOrtlieb Bike Packer PlusThis is my 3rd set. The first set had extensive wear after 1 year. The 2nd set had tears on the bottom after 2 years. I keep these panniers mounted on front racks and they are kind of low which results in them hitting the ground/curbs more.
Ortlieb Backroller Plus02/2009Rear PanniersOrtlieb Backroller PlusThese panniers are well deserving of their reputation. If you avoid rubbing them on abrasive surfaces they'll last forever. They are 100% waterproof.
handlebar bag02/2012Handlebar BagOrtlieb Ultimate 5 PlusThis is the 2nd one I've owned. The first one lasted 3 years. The side mesh pockets fell off and the bag was replaced for free under warranty. It can carry a lot more than the recommended weight and everything stays dry.
camerainsert_resize02/2012Handlebar BagCamera-InsertCamera-Insert for Ortlieb Ultimate2-5
Ortlieb RackPack Large02/2009Trunk BagOrtlieb RackPack LargeHigh capacity storage for my tent, spare parts and miscellaneous travel gear.
outer pocket02/2009Outer PocketOrtlieb Outer PocketHave it mounted on rear pannier. Keep all my bike tools in it. Dogs like to bite it but its held up well.
brooks b1708/2011SaddleBrooks B17 Standard Bicycle SaddleThis is my 2nd Brooks. The first one (Imperial) went in the garbage after a year of constant discomfort. Riding on this one has been much better.
map case08/2011CaseOrtlieb map case2nd one. The sun ate away the first one after 2 years.
bell compass08/2011SafetyAvenir Compass Bell2nd one. The 1st one popped out of the holder and was lost.
plug in cable08/2011SecurityPlug-in Cable 150cm For Defender RL Frame LockVery strong cable used to secure the bike.
water bottle08/2011Water transport3x Laken Hit Water Bottle .75 Liter, AluminumExcellent aluminum bottles that never need cleaning. The cap will be damaged if water is allowed to freeze and expand as I found out.
led bike light10/2009SafetyKnog Frog LED Rear Bike LightGreat for tunnels. My headlamp is used for front lighting if necessary.



TypeModelDate AddedDecommission DateReason
SafetyDelta Airzound Bike Horn 02/200908/2009The sun destroys the plastic tubing and replacing it is difficult.
KickstandClick Stand Max08/201110/2011Snapped in half when bike tipped onto it during strong wind.


Camping Gear

camping gear High elevation climates and night time temperatures in the desert mean having gear that offers protection from the cold. The second sleeping pad (Big Agnes) was picked up to provide some added space between the cold ground and me. Having the Therm-a-Rest under it also helps to protect against thorns.


PhotoDate AddedTypeModelComments
sleepingbag02/2009Sleeping BagLamina 0-Degree Synthetic Sleeping Bag by Mountain HardwearDoesn't pack very small but it keeps me warm well below freezing. No problems washing it in a machine (on delicate).
tent07/2011TentBig Agnes Copper Spur UL2I'm loving this tent. I did end up sending it in for repair because the zippers weren't closing but that was mostly because I never cleaned them. The tent is amazing in the rain because the fly offers enough protection to cook/clean without getting wet. The vestibules are more than big enough to store 4 panniers and a trunk bag.
footprint07/2011TentBig Agnes Copper Spur UL2 FootprintDoes the job as far as adding a layer of protection from the ground.
sleepsack02/2009Bag LinerThe Travel Hammock Silk Sleep SackPerfect for hot nights or to keep inside your sleeping bag to help keep it from getting dirtier faster.
mummypad07/2011Sleeping PadBig Agnes Two Track Mummy Pad Dark Red Regular 2 inI'm not a big fan of air mattresses because they always get holes, this one being no exception. It is very comfortable for my 6' 3" height and it self inflates rather quickly.
pillow_resize02/2012PillowThermarest Compressible Pillow, Vermillion, Large
sunshade_resize02/2012Sleeping PadCar windshield cover for insulation under air mattress



TypeModelDate AddedDecommission DateReason
Sleeping PadTherm-a-Rest Z-Lite Sleeping Pad08/200902/2012Trying to save space and the air mattress I still have is more suited to cold weather. I did love this pad though and would get another one in a second.
TentBig Agnes Seedhouse SL 1 Tent05/201008/2011Excellent tent but the lack of vestibule space became a problem. Water also gets into the tent if the fly door is open.
TentBig Agnes Emerald Mountain SL3 Tent 02/200905/2010A little too big for one person, main zipper broke.
Sleeping padBig Agnes Insulated Air Core Mummy Pad - Long 02/200908/2009Tossed, too hard to fix holes on the road. When it wasn't leaking I like it.
TentBig Agnes Emerald Mountain SL3 Vestibule 02/200903/2009Never used.
TentHennessy Expedition A-Sym Hammock 02/200907/2009Loved it but rarely used.


Cooking Gear

cooking gear The stove is one of the most important things I carry and the MSR Dragonfly is one of the best. It can burn white gas, unleaded auto gas, kerosene, diesel and jet fuel–perfect for traveling internationally.


PhotoDate AddedTypeModelComments
MSR Dragonfly Liquid-Fuel Stove02/2009StoveMSR Dragonfly Liquid-Fuel StoveWorks like a champ at any altitude. It'll be the loudest stove you ever own.
MSR 33oz Fuel Bottle02/2009StoveMSR 33oz Fuel BottleThe fuel line filter in the pump had to be replaced a couple times because it got clogged.
MSR Dragonfly Expedition Service Kit02/2009StoveMSR Dragonfly Expedition Service Kit for Liquid-Fuel Stove
REI Ti Ware Nonstick Titanium Pot02/2009CookwareREI Ti Ware Nonstick Titanium Pot – 1.3 LiterGreat pot that has retained it's no-stick surface after 3 years.
Optimus Titanium Spork11/2010CookwareOptimus Titanium Spork
plate02/2011CookwareSnow Peak Titanium Plate
mug02/2009CookwareSnow Peak Titanium Trek 700 Mug
pan02/2011CookwareEvernew Slick Non-Stick Titanium Frying Pan
Tupperware FlatOut 3-Cup Container02/2009CookwareTupperware FlatOut 3-Cup Container
Katadyn Hiker PRO Water Microfilter02/2012FilterKatadyn Hiker PRO Water Microfilter2nd one I've owned. The plunger handle on the 1st one broke after a year. Katadyn, after I begged a little, replaced the handle for free. The pump broke because the cartridge was clogged which would have cost almost as much to replace as a new one... so I just bought a new one.
GI Type US Military P-38 Can Opener02/2009UtensilGI Type US Military P-38 Can OpenerUltralight and durable.
MSR Dromedary Bag03/2012Water transportMSR Dromedary Bag – 10 LiterHad the 6l for 3 years before upgrading to the 10 l. This bag is indestructible and I couldn't live without it.
water heater02/2011Water heaterWater Heater 220v 1.0 literA little bulky but it's lightweight and boils water in no time. I use it a couple times a day.



TypeModelDate AddedDecommission DateReason
FilterSteriPEN Adventurer Handheld Water Purifier10/200902/2012Maybe it's broken but I can't get it to work after 2 years of hardly ever using it anyway. Left it in Florida.



clothingI’m carrying a bit more than usual just because on long tours you tend to take longer breaks. I can’t go around wearing the same shirt for a week. With this gear I can comfortably camp in temperatures down to about -25C (-13F). Riding in sandals hasn’t been a problem even when it’s cold and wet. The waterproof socks and shoe covers keep my toes nice and warm.


nashbarsandals_resizeAll weatherNashbar Ragster II Cycling Sandals
hiking shoes_resizeAll weatherColumbia Trail Meister hiking shoes
underwearAll weather2 pr underwear
shorts ext_resizeAll weather - cyclingLouis Garneau Men's Liberty Shorts
helmet_resizeAll weather - cyclingGiro bicycling helmet2nd one. The 1st one developed a crack after 3 years.
r2 jacket_resizeCold weatherPatagonia R2 Jacket
cold weather socks_resizeCold weather1 pr cold weather socks
leg warmers_resizeCold weatherPearl Izumi Men’s Therma Fleece Leg Warmers
patagonia crew_resizeCold weatherPatagonia Lightweight Capilene Crew
gloves_resizeCold weather - cyclingPearl Izumi Inferno Glove
xwarmers_resizeCold weather - cyclingLouis Garneau X-Warmer BootiesFit my size 13 sandals perfectly.
cold weather bike shirt_resizeCold weather - cyclingLong Sleeve Bicycle Jersey
UA hood_resizeCold weather - cyclingUA ColdGear Tactical Hood Headwear
gaiter_resizeCold weather - cyclingThe North Face WindStopper Neck Gaiter
oakleyglassesGlassesOakley Flak Jacket Polarized XLJ sunglasses The lenses were good for a year before getting too scratched up. Bought some new lenses on a Florida trip.
rainjacket_resizeRain gearNovara Stratos 2.0 Bike Jacket
waterproof socks_resizeRain gearSealSkinz Waterproof MVT Socks
helmetraincover_resizeRain gearTAIGA Helmet Rain Cover
rain pants_resizeRain gearNovara Stratos Rain Pants
board shorts_resizeWarm weatherBoard shorts
pants_resizeWarm weatherConvertible hiking pants
tshirt_resizeWarm weather2 pr Under Armor t-shirt
socks_resizeWarm weather1 pr lightweight socks
cargo shorts_resizeWarm weatherCargo shorts
sweatvac bandana_resizeWarm weather - cyclingSweatVac Bandana Style Black
long sleeve bike shirt_resizeWarm weather - cycling2x Long Sleeve Bicycle Jersey
bike socks_resizeWarm weather - cyclingSmartwool PhD Cycling Ultra Light Mini Crew socks
REI jacket_resizeAll WeatherREI Ultra Light JacketI keep wanting to leave this behind but rain jackets are a bit flashy in cities.



TypeModelDate AddedDecommission DateReason
Rain gearNovara Stratos Bike Jacket02/200902/2012Needed a more subtle color for city walking and it smelled a bit after 3 years.
All weatherSweatVac Performance Race Hat02/200901/2012It blew out of my open handlebar bag into a river. 🙁 Great hat.
All weatherShimano Bike Sandals02/200902/2012They were pretty worn out after 3 years. I loved these sandals. Very comfortable for riding and short hikes.
Casual1 pr REI Sahara Convertible Pants 02/200906/2010Lost in Mexico.
Cold weather - cyclingLouis Garneau 2008/09 Cycling Helmet Cover02/200902/2012Upgraded to the Taiga helmet cover
Cold weatherMont-Bell Thermawrap PantWon't need for the next stretch in Europe.
Cold weatherWestern Mountaineering Flight VestWon't need for the next stretch in Europe.


Tools & Spare Parts

tools All the basics for keeping my bike on the road.


PhotoDate AddedTypeModelComments
Topeak Road Morph G Bike Pump with Gauge12/2010PumpTopeak Road Morph G Bike Pump with GaugeGreat pump and the gauge comes in very handy.
ROK Straps08/2011Straps54" ROK Straps
tubes_resizeTubes3 spare tubes
Topeak Alien II 26-Function Bicycle Tool02/2009Bicycle repairTopeak Alien II 26-Function Bicycle ToolHas a great assortment of tools and has held up well after lot's of use.
patch kit_resizeBicycle repairPatch kit
adjustable wrench_resize_resizeBicycle repair6" adjustable wrench
Tire pressure gauge02/2009Bicycle repairTire gauge
FiberFix Emergency Spoke Replacement Kit12/2010Bicycle repairFiberFix Emergency Spoke Replacement Kit
Tire Levers Set12/2010Bicycle repairTire Levers Set (3)
locking pliers_resizeBicycle repairSmall locking pliers
bolts_resizeBicycle repairBrake/derailleur cables, extra spokes, extra bolts, rubber gloves, extra chain links/pins, zip-ties, chain lube and rag
chain wear_resizeBicycle repairChain Wear Indicator
waxlube_resizeBicycle repairCross Country Finish Line Wet Bike LubricantLasts a long time but use sparingly because it gunks up.



TypeModelDate AddedDecommission DateReason
Bicycle repairPedro's Universal Bicycle Crank Remover with Handle 02/200903/2009Never used + heavy.


Personal Care Items

personal care Fairly standard things except for maybe the umbrella, expandable baton and hair clippers. The umbrella is great for breaks when there’s no shade. The baton is good for clubbing people over the head that try to rob me. Clippers pay for themselves on long tours.


PhotoDate AddedTypeModelComments
Ultralight shaving mirror05/2010HygieneUltralight shaving mirror
Camp SoapCleaningCamp Soap – 4 oz.
wash kit02/2009CleaningWalkabout Wash Kit
Fast drying towel02/2009HygieneFast drying towel
Fisher Trekker Space Pen02/2009OfficeFisher Trekker Space PenThis pen is incredible. Long lasting and writes well.
Ka-Bar 2-3050-9 Mule Field Folder Knife02/2009UtilitiesKa-Bar 2-3050-9 Mule Field Folder KnifeLittle heavy but great for cutting up just about anything.
sunscreenHygieneSunscreen SPF 60
first aid kit02/2009SafetyFirst aid kitAll the standard things needed for patching/treating cuts, bites and scrapes.
cord02/2009Utilities50 ft nylon/polyester cordMostly use this for hanging clothes but in Alaska it kept my food high up in the trees away from bears.
hair clipper08/2011HygienePhilips Norelco Hair ClipperKeeps my hair nice and short.
tear aid08/2011RepairsTear-Aid Roll Non-Vinyl (A)
sharpener08/2011UtilitiesSmith's PP1 Multifunction SharpenerDid a great job sharpening my knife.
mosquitonet_resize02/2012HygieneColeman Insect Head Net
ortliebbucket_resize02/2012CleaningOrtlieb Folding bowl / Bucket / Sink (Medium/5L)
seatosummitriverbag_resize02/2012StorageSea to Summit Big River Dry Bag, Blue, 8-Liter
earmuffs_resize02/2012ComfortPeltor H9A Optime 98 Over-the-Head Earmuffs



TypeModelDate AddedDecommission DateReason
AccessoriesGoLite Chrome Dome Trekking Umbrella05/201002/2012Trying to carry less stuff.
SafetySea to Summit Mozi Mosquito Net Shelter07/200902/2012Someone either stole it from my campsite or I lost it. 🙁
SafetyNight Watchman Impact Baton, 26-Inch08/201102/2012Might not be allowed in Europe.
ComfortPeltor 105 Over-the-Head Earmuff08/201109/2011I forgot them in my hotel room. 🙁
FlashlightSurefire E2L-HA-WH Outdoorsman 6V LED Flashlight 02/200908/2011Left it in Florida. Never used it.
HygieneRemington Short Cut Clipper 05/201008/2011Left it in Florida. Doesn't work on 240v grids.
RadioRadio Shack AM/FM/WX/TV Pocket Radio 04/200912/2010Never used it.
FishingStreamlines Tideland casting handline 02/200907/2010Shipped to Atlanta from Guatemala, never used.
LighterWindmill - Delta Shockproof Lighter, Matte Green 02/200907/2010Gave away in Guatemala, never used
SafetyDog Dazer II - Ultrasonic Dog Repeller and Trainer 02/200904/2010Broke in Mexico
HikingLeki Super Makalu Anti-Shock Trekking Pole02/200904/2009Lost on Katy Trail, MO
SecurityPacsafe 120 Anti-Theft Backpack 02/200905/2009Shipped to Atlanta from Missoula, never used
SecurityPacsafe 85 Backpacker Medium 02/200904/2009Shipped to Atlanta from Council Bluffs, never used
LightingCoast Camp Light 02/200905/2010Left in Atlanta, GA, never used
ComfortWalkstool Comfort 22" inch XL Compact Stool Portable Folding Chair with Case for sports & travel Photography 02/200903/2009Left in Atlanta, GA, never used
ComfortBig Agnes Cyclone SL Chair Kit - 20'' 02/200903/2009Left in Atlanta, GA, never used
SafetyHalt! Dog Repellent 02/200906/2009Tossed at Canadian border, should have tried to bring it across
SafetySafety Triangle 02/200905/2010Tossed in California, didn't use once Ortlieb bag that it attached to was sold


Photography & Electronics

photography Everything I need for taking pictures, browsing the web, watching movies, updating my web site and keeping things charged. The GPS has been extremely helpful, especially when navigating large cites and in areas where there are lot’s of roads but no signs.


PhotoDate AddedTypeModelComments
VDO MC1.0+ Wireless Computer12/2010NavigationVDO MC1.0+ Wireless Altimeter/Cycle ComputerSusceptible to interference from other electronics. A wired version would have been better.
Olympus Stylus Tough-600001/2010PhotographyOlympus Stylus Tough-6000 10 MP Waterproof Digital CameraDurable but picture quality is what you would expect from a P&S.
asus 101508/2011ComputerASUS Eee PC 1015PEM 10.1-Inch Netbook w/2GB RAM
x-mini speaker08/2011EntertainmentX-Mini II Capsule SpeakerLove these speakers. Wish I would have bought them sooner.
notebook case08/2011ComputerCase LogicNeoprene Notebook Sleeve
hard drive case08/2011ComputerCase Logic Hard Drive Case
external hard drive08/2011ComputerBuffalo 500 GB USB 2.0 Portable Hard DriveGood for storing movies and backups.
itouch08/2011ComputerApple iPod touch 32 GB (4G)Perfect for travel. Use it for quick wifi access, reading and travel related apps (currency conversion and translations). The camera is horrible in low light.
itouch case08/2011ComputerSurvivor Extreme Duty Case for iPod Touch 4GIt's a pain to get to the dock connector or headphone jack but it offers great protection.
solar charger08/2011ChargerUltra Thin Solar Powered Backup Battery and Charger
usb charger08/2011ChargerSanyo 1500 eneloop 2-AA Ni-MH Rechargeable Batteries with USB ChargerI have 6 eneloop batteries for my GPS, headlamp and mouse. They are simply the best rechargeable batteries on the market.
canon t3i08/2011CameraCanon EOS Rebel T3i 18 MP CMOS Digital SLR Camera and DIGIC 4 Imaging with EF-S 18-135mm IS f/3.5-5.6 Standard Zoom Lens
32gb sd08/2011CameraTranscend 32 GB SDHC Flash Memory Card
wireless remote08/2011CameraWireless Shutter Release Remote for Canon EOS, Rebel
mouse08/2011ComputerLogitech M305 Wireless Mouse
wifi adapter08/2011ComputerAlfa 1000mW 1W 802.11b/g USB Wireless WiFi Network Adapter With 9dBi AntennaAnother thing I wish I would have bought a long time ago. Excellent reception for something so tiny.
travel adapter02/2009PowerUniversal World-wide Travel Adapter
socket adapter02/2009PowerSocket Adapter 660 Watt, 125 Volt, Two OutletI can never have enough ways to plug things in.
Petzl Tactikka XP Desert Camo Headlamp02/2009UtilitiesPetzl Tactikka XP Desert Camo HeadlampExcellent headlamp.
streetwise alarm08/2011SafetyStreetwise Door AlarmGreat for protecting hotel room doors.
pet trainer08/2011SafetyPet Agree Ultrasonic Training Aid2nd one. First one just stopped working after a year. It works on 50% of the dogs I encounter.
garmin62stc_resize02/2012NavigationGarmin GPSMAP 62stc Handheld Navigator



TypeModelDate AddedDecommission DateReason
SafetyTravel Alarm w/ PIR Motion Sensor, 100 dB Alarm w/Flashlight08/201102/2012Good idea at the time but I use the other one a lot more.
CommunicationZoom 3095 USB Mini External Modem02/200902/2012Thought I might have needed a modem at some point--I thought wrong.
CameraCanon EF 50mm f/1.8 II Camera Lens08/201102/2012Great lens but I hardly ever use it.
ComputerASUS Eee PC 901 20G 02/200908/2011Sold after 2 years. Great netbook but the hard drive space became an issue and the power receptacle barely accepted the plug so charging was difficult.
CameraCanon PowerShot SX20IS 12.1MP Digital Camera 03/201008/2011Excellent camera but my desire for a DSLR meant it had to go.
ComputerApple iPod touch 32 GB (3rd Generation) 10/200908/2011Sold it. Upgraded to 4G model.
ComputerOtterBox iPod Touch 2nd Gen Armor Case 02/200910/2009Sold it when I sold the 3G iPod Touch.
NavigationCateye CC-MC100W Micro Wireless 10-Function Bicycle Computer (Black) 02/200912/2010Upgraded to VDO in Ecuador
ChargerSunlinq 12 watt Folding Solar Power Panel 07/2010Shipped to Atlanta from Guatemala, could not use after Tekkeon battery broke
ComputerCanary Wireless Digital Hotspotter HS-20 02/200907/2010Shipped to Atlanta from Guatemala, obsoleted by iPod Touch
ChargerTekkeon MP3450 myPower ALL Rechargeable Battery 02/200905/2010Broke in Mexico
ComputerApple iPod classic 80 GB Black (6th Generation) 02/200910/2009Sold in Monterey, upgraded to iPod Touch
ComputerOtterbox Waterproof Case for Ipod Classic 02/200910/2009Sold in Monterey, didn't fit iPod Touch
CameraPentax Optio W30 7.1 MP Digital Camera with 3x Optical Zoom 02/200901/2010Lost in Tepic, Mexico
EntertainmentJBL On Tour Portable Speaker System ( Black ) 02/200903/2009Sold in Cookeville, TN, never used
CameraCanon 40D DSLR Camera 02/200905/2010Sold in Monterey, CA, at the time I felt it was too "high profile" for where I was traveling to, regret selling it now
CameraTamron 18-270mm Zoom Lens 02/200905/2010Sold in Monterey, CA
CameraCanon BG-E2N Battery Grip 02/200905/2010Sold in Monterey, CA
CameraOrtlieb Hip Pack 02/200905/2010Sold in Monterey, CA, sold with Canon camera
ChargeriSun BattPak 3-Way Battery Charger 02/200905/2010Broke in California
WatchSuunto Core Wrist-Top Computer Watch 02/200905/2010Display problems in California
NavigationGarmin 60CSx 2.6-Inch Mapping Handheld GPS02/200902/2012I've owned this GPS since 01/2007. It is amazingly durable. It's survived drops, days of rain and thousands of miles of rough roads on my bike. Upgraded to the 62stc after running into issues with it shutting down on bumpy roads.


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