I’ve met so many great people on this trip! From fellow bicycle touring riders to people who happen to see me somewhere out on the road. I’ve met incredibly warm and gracious people who travel via RV and people working in stores that went out of their way to help me out of a jam. Even camped out in city parks I’ve had the pleasure of talking to and even sharing dinner with some of the nicest people I’ve ever met. I still talk with/correspond with many of these people and will always look back and remember them as the true highlights of my journey.

02/10/2012 – After finally making it to the End of the World, Ushuaia, Argentina, I met even more great people around town.

Andy and Anita from Austria.



Inte from Sweden. Very cool girl backpacking around South America. We also happen to share the same birthday.

02/08/2012 – The famous Panaderia La Union Tolhuin, Argentina. Spent an amazing 4 nights at the bakery. The owner, Emilio, graciously opens his spare rooms to cyclists passing through and asks for nothing in return although we are only too happy to help out in the kitchen if it gets us closer to the chocolate. 🙂


Also met Marc, another cyclist staying there.


And Tamara was there.


And Vincent who I ran into again in Ushuaia.


02/02/2012 – My new German friends, Sarah and Michael We had a great time in Ushuaia, especially when Sarah got separated from us after a night of drinking and we didn’t know where she went. 🙂


01/20/2012 – Audrey and Jean-charles. Met them in El Calafate, Argentina. They left from Ushuaia for a cruise to Antarctica… can’t wait to see the pictures.


01/14/2012Masha and Jordi (Ukraine/Spain). Our paths crossed at the famous O’Higgins crossing for the first time and then I ran into them off and on until Ushuaia. They are both amazingly friendly people.


01/14/2012 – I’m going to spell his name wrong but Tonge is one of the guys that rode across the O’Higgins crossing with me. We hung out in Ushuaia too. Cool guy.


01/13/2012 – Stefan. Touring rider also on his way down to Ushuaia. We ended up riding together for several days. Hope to run into him again when I visit Germany.


12/05/2011 – Matt. He’s from Edmonton, Canada, close to where I grew up in Calgary. I ran into him a few times heading to Ushuaia.


05/19/2011 – The police in Tauca, Peru. These guys were so cool for hooking me up with a map, writing a note so people on the road would know where I was trying to go and treating me to dinner.


01/12/2011 – One of the best times I had on my trip was a 42 day(!) stay in Tumbaco, Ecuador. I stayed at the Casa de Ciclistas owned by Santiago where he lives with his wife, 2 daughters and Bill Clinton. It was here that I met my dear friend Monika (Switzerland), her riding partner Martina (Switzerland) and a host of other great bicycle touring riders and locals living in/near Tumbaco: my beer mate Zdenek from the Czech Republic, Mariana from Argentina, Valentina from Ecuador, Esther and Ronald from the Netherlands, Sergio and Miriam from Spain and Andreas from Argentina.

Santiago, ? and ZdenekBill Clinton and I.Andreas (from Argentina), Santiago (the owner of the Casa), Sergio and Miriam.Ronald, Esther and Monika.


08/13/2010 – This nightmare of a day was made a lot easier thanks to brothers Antony and Luis. They live in the tiny village of Ayarza, Guatemala where I ended up staying for a week while my bike was being repaired.

Luis and his ride.

08/09/2010 – On a guided tour of Pacaya Volcano in Guatemala I met Rachel and Judy from the UK. After our unexpectedly long hike around the volcano they invited me out for some dinner with their tour group.

Rachel and Judy.

07/31/2010Cass Gilbert. Met him in Panajachel, Guatemala where he was passing through on a bicycle tour. He takes the most amazing pictures.

07/14/2010 – Matthew and Nancy are hosts in Panajachel, Guatemala. I didn’t stay there but we hung out a lot. Great people.

Kasia, Matthew and Nancy.

– Hiram runs Hotel Los Arcos in Hopelchen, Mexico. He let me store my bike there for 6 weeks while I was in Canada worrying about my sister.

Hotel Los Arcos

03/20/2010Pete. Pete is heading down to Bolivia from San Diego. He’s the only rider I know that went through most of the out-of-the-way places I ended up in too.

02/24/2010Hanna. Unfortunately I have yet to actually meet Hanna in person (as of Nov 2011). Karin and Marten told me about her when we met back in Mexico. She’s on a bicycle tour from Canada to Argentina and as things tend to go we ended up chatting online. Hopefully our paths will cross one day.


02/24/2010 – Marten and Karin. Couple heading down to Bolivia from Alaska. We shared a campsite in the parking lot outside the ruins at Xochicalo, Mexico.

Marten and Karin

01/05/2009 – My friends from Spanish class in Tlaquepaque.

Beata hanging out.


Julia and Fabolia, my teachers.
My teachers, Julia and Fabiola.


12/18/2009Byron. Touring rider heading down to Argentina from Calgary.

12/09/2009 – Tom and Haley. Couple riding from Las Vegas to Argentina. Saw them again in Mazatlan.

10/25/2009 – Brooke, Jessica, Jeff and Ranmey. Shared a campsite with them and had a great night hanging out. The next day I met Rasa who introduced me to Scalar Resonance Technology. She was also nice enough to stop by the CG I was at with another rider with some wine and firewood.

Brooke, Jessica Jeff and Ranmey

10/08/2009 – Melissa. Sweetest girl ever. We rode together for a day and then hung out in Monterey for a bit.


09/28/2009Dave and Sara. California’s coast is extremely popular for bicycle touring and Dave and Sara were a couple of the riders I met on the road. We’d end up seeing each other off and on for almost a week. I’ll always remember Dave as the guy that had a bicycle fall out of a tree onto him. He’ll remember it from the scar it left. Sara and I will always have hippies and raccoons.


09/22/2009Oris. A bicycle tourist I ran into in Gold Beach.


09/21/2009 – Tim and Cindy. Owners of the Port Orford RV Village. Friendliest CG owners I’ve met on my trip.

09/12/2009 – Tommy and Shannon. Friends riding down the coast together. I ran into Shannon a couple months later when I was riding through San Diego and we had a great time out on the town and on a trip to the zoo.

Shannon and Tommy

09/11/2009 – Ray and Norma. Great couple I camped next to in Washington State. Ray was nice enough to drive me into town for some food which was much appreciated.

09/02/2009 – Mark. Met him while riding on Vancouver Island. He helped a lot with my route down to Victoria.


08/28/2009 – Pat. First Mate on the ferry from Alaska to BC. He let me up on the bridge for a tour which was incredible because you could see a half dozen whales breaching.

Touring the bridge.  No autopilot on the ship; it's all manual.

08/28/2009 – David, Andy and Collin. Met these guys on the ferry in Alaska. Had a good time drinking and hanging out. They all disembarked in Juneau.

David, Andy and Collin

08/11/2009Roland and Belinda. Married couple heading from Alaska down to Argentina. I saw them off and on in Alaska and then ended up in Mexico just a day behind them.

Roland and Belinda

08/08/2009 – Rick and Lisa. Rick is a bike mechanic up in Fairbanks, Alaska that let me crash at his place while a part was on order for my bike.

Lisa and Rick

08/02/2009Astrid. She was in the midst of a 2 year solo bicycle tour around the world when I met her. Very inspiring.

07/30/2009 – Ziv. I was dying to find a campsite after a long day and Ziv was nice enough to share the spot he’d found. He also hooked me up with some water so I wouldn’t have to drink from a funky looking lake.

07/25/2009Paul and Chris. They met up in Dawson City and were heading down to Argentina. I ran into Chris in California and Paul in Mexico a couple months later.

07/24/2009Paul. First met Paul up in the Yukon. He was on his way from Alaska to Argentina. I ran into him in California. Unfortunately he had to end his trip early due to knee problems.

07/22/2009 – Ian Coates. Ian pulled up on his motorcycle when he spotted me and a couple other cyclists talking at the side of the road. Needless to say the conversation quickly turned to him since he’d ridden in over 99 countries.

07/20/2009Thomas. Thomas and I go way back. 🙂 He was the first cycling tourist I met in the Yukon who would later end up in Central America (and eventually South America). Great guy riding for a worthy cause.

07/15/2009 – Park Manager at Strawberry Flats CG. Saved my bacon by hooking me up with a patch I could use to keep my tire from blowing out on me.

07/14/2009 – John and Eddie. Couple guys riding a tandem bicycle up to Alaska.

07/07/2009 – Owners of Shepherd’s Inn. Had one of the best meals on my entire trip here. The couple that manages the inn also helped out with some bicycle maintenance.

07/05/2009 – Steve. My camping neighbor in Dawson Creek. Really friendly guy riding his motorcycle from Tennessee to Alaska.

Steve's ride

06/18/2009 – Wendy, owner of Freewheel Cycle in Jasper. Did me a huge favor and let me have a package from my bank sent there for me. Without her I don’t know how I would have received my ATM card.

06/12/2009 – The staff at Adventure Cycling Association. Stopped in to visit the headquarters on my way through Missoula. Got a tour of the office, some ice cream and my picture taken.

Hate that I ruined this :(

06/11/2009 – Kendal and Rachel. Touring riders heading from Seattle to Virgina to benefit the Alzheimer’s Association.

06/09/2009 – Glenn, Jeff, Sharon and Michelle. We were all in Jackson for different reasons but the common bond of natural hot springs brought us together for drinks and a great dinner. 🙂

05/11/2009 – Robin. I don’t have the words to express how grateful I am that I was fortunate enough to meet her. I naively expected the worst riding through the SD Indian reservations. Boy was I misinformed.

05/05/2009 – Burnetta. Yet another friendly resident of South Dakota. Still amazes me how many great people I met in this state.

05/04/2009 – Bob & Family. Came over to visit my campsite across the street from their house in a town park. Ended up inviting me into their home for a great dinner.

05/02/2009 – Mark. Fellow touring rider I met in town (he wasn’t riding at the time). He and a friend stopped by where I was camping that night to hang out and drink some beers.

04/26/2009 – John. Met John and his family while camped alongside the Missouri River. They were there picking morals mushrooms. When a massive rainstorm came through they left but came back 5 minutes later offering to let me stay at their place.

04/10/2009 – Lynne and Bob. Owners of the Apple Gate Inn. Really nice couple who went out of their way to make me feel right at home.

04/09/2009 – Rich. Owner of the Golden Eagle Country Store and fellow cyclist. He was kind enough to hook me up with food and water even though his store was still being built and had almost no supplies in it.

04/08/2009The Mayor of Alton, IL – I’m not 100% sure if it was the actual mayor but if it was he was sure friendly. I Googled him and his picture does kind of look like the guy I remember.

04/05/2009Crystal. St. Louis is lucky to have an ambassador like Crystal welcoming people to the city. Her and her husband Tom are hosts and since it was my first time using that service I was a little leery. I couldn’t have had a better couple days hanging out with her and her family though. Great people.

Crystal my couchsurfing host

03/29/2009 – Roy. Very helpful (and industrious) guy staying in the campsite next to mine. Saved me from having to pound tent pegs into the frozen ground with cold hands. When I left the next day he even offered me some of his extra freeze dried food.

03/06/2009 – Anita. Only met her for a short time but she’s been very supportive and I love hearing where she’s traveled to. Hopefully we’ll run into each other again.

02/25/2009 – Meg. The first touring rider I met on my trip! She was riding around Florida on a recumbent. She tried to teach me to ride her bike but that didn’t end well.

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  1. Anita Kirkman says:

    Hi, Scott – I’m honored to be on your list!! Happy Belated Birthday! I knew it was coming but thought it was next weekend – my girls’ birthdays are Friday and Monday. Can’t tell you how amazed people are when I tell them about your year – as am I. I owe you and your photos for pointing out that I was missing the out of the way places by towing the 5er. Have been in Arizona this winter but will go back to Kansas to pick up the camper in May for seveal months of exploring. Continued safe travels! Congrats on your year of accomplishment.

    • Jerry Everetts says:

      Hi Scott. I started reading your blog back in December when a member of the Ridge Riders Mountain bike Association posted your story on our forums. I really like the idea of what you are doing. I am 43, and I have a family and I am IT manager at a pretty large company, but I do have a good bit of time. I currently have my mountain bike on ebay, and my brand new Surly Long Haul Trucker will arrive this coming Thursday.

      I plan to start putting some miles on it with day and weekend trips, doing a bit of riding and camping around FL, eventually venturing out further.

      Thanks for the inspiration! and good luck!!


      • scott says:

        Hey Jerry. Thanks for the comment. Touring is definitely a perfect way to combine 2 great sports: cycling and camping. Hope you enjoy your time on the road. Just be careful in FL. Crazy drivers/crazy people. 🙂

  2. Dave C says:

    You’ll be happy to know I bit my lip the other day, and it hurt! Which means, I’m 95% healed from the bike falling into my face. I’m off on my world tour now, watching you from a far!

  3. patricia Y patrizio says:

    Hi Scott My wife and I Met your sister , working in a shoe store in Calgary . Alberta . she tall us about how proud sheis of you and your trip
    I relate to this experience you are doing my selve , I had travelled trougth Europe a few times in my motorcycle and done Edmonton Alberta . Puerto Montt
    southern Chile in 2003 by my selve , also I was a very competive cyclist in valparaiso Chile in my jounger Years ,( were i grew up) now a Bit tired and a bit old for my bicycle
    but not my motorcycle , wich I love and still try ,
    I hope that you always keep that nice spirit and determination , for the rest of your life , because all what you are doing in making a better
    person of your selve . There is beauty in the world and there a lot of kind and loving peoples all over ,
    I promise to write you to your sister ,, she say Hi , and is very exited for you, Mine my language is spanish , sorry for the mistakes in my spelling’
    take care and Blessings to you always .God loves you
    Patrizio bartolozzi , from Gleichen Alberta (1 hour east of Calgary)
    all best my friend

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